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A day in the life of a doctor

Thirty-two-year-old Dr. Geeta Babar, a clinical psychologist, has been busy hashing out details for a COVID wedding. She and Dr. Vineet Swain, a pediatrician are getting married next week. They are planning to keep the wedding small, but there is still much to do.

This, although is not Dr. Geeta’s main concern. Her main concern is her patients. She will have no time around the wedding to go to the clinic and meet her regular patients due to her close family and friends will be in town.

For the same reason, two weeks ago, when the wedding got finalized, she set up her profile on the telemedicine app called Docty, so that she would be able to keep her regular appointments, even if they happened virtually.

Her schedule for the next week is set and she is going to ask all her regular patients to book appointments depending on the hours she will be able to allot them.

She is waiting for Aishwarya, her patient who is suffering from anxiety disorder to join the call on Docty for her regular therapy. All her appointments this week are booked on Docty, to ensure the viability of the process and avoid the risk of exposure to COVID so close to the wedding. Aishwarya is her first virtual patient.

Aishwarya joins the call and Dr. Geeta begins their weekly therapy session. Dr. Geeta has specifically chosen this week and next week’s therapies that can be delivered seamlessly through a virtual medium. The one-hour session goes without a glitch and Aishwarya thanks Dr. Geeta for making the time and initiating the virtual consulting, which is convenient to her too.

Dr. Geeta asks if she will be comfortable to do the consultations online for a couple of weeks and gets a positive affirmation from Aishwarya. Dr. Geeta tells Aishwarya that she is available in case of any emergencies on the app’s chat too.

Dr. Geeta ends the session and opens her notes for Mr. Behera, her next patient who’s consultation is scheduled to begin in half an hour. Within a couple of minutes, she gets appointment requests from Aishwarya for the upcoming weeks. She accepts these so that they are added to her calendar.

Her day goes on similarly and all her patients have agreed to book online appointments. She was able to even help her mother with a few wedding details in between her appointments. She also tried her outfits for the functions and has set aside a few that need alterations, which she will get done tomorrow. If she had gone to her clinic, this would not have been possible.

In the night, before going to sleep, she decides to ask Dr. Vineet to schedule all his appointments for the next week on Docty too and picks up her phone to call him.

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