We are Docty

your smart health solution available throughout the country. An on-demand application, without affiliations, in which our users pay, from any electronic device, for the service they receive.
Providing safe and reliable care for our patients inspired us to create this telemedicine platform. The pandemic gave us that push to move towards the future and to consolidate an application that solves the two biggest problems of medical care in the country: limited resources and long care times.
At Docty, we integrate all the actors in the health sector to provide a digital experience focused on our patients. We transform the relationship between people and traditional medical services by guaranteeing quality care (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) with doctors and specialists.
Our specialty is interpreting the information of our patients to identify their ailments and improve their diagnosis and treatment. We achieve this through artificial intelligence, which allows us to identify symptoms with facial recognition and gives access to the medical history in real time.
Download Docty and discover the best of telemedicine in Colombia.
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