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Docty integrates specialists and professionals from the health sector, to provide their patients with safe and personalized care according to their needs.

Symptom monitoring for any discomfort.

We provide a symptom tracking service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through artificial intelligence (AI). Patients have a permanent check-up of their health status and can receive accurate and daily medical advice, without leaving home.
Enjoy the confidence of having a tool that records your vital signs and allows you to understand your state of health at anytime.

Family group at Docty.

Our patients will have the possibility to register their entire family group, regardless of the health plan they have registered for. In this way, the service offer will reach more users.
Providing more information to our data analytics will help us improve diagnoses.

Low Bandwidth Video Call.

We know that medical experience goes beyond the consulting room. For this reason, we provide interactive telemedicine through video calls. General consultation, specialized and rehabilitation are some of the services we offer there.
Our technology works, even with low bandwidth, to reach all corners of Colombia.

Diagnosis and prescription of medications.

  • Diagnostics with ICD-10 & CUPS classification.
  • Database of medicines Vademecum and dosage.
  • 5 System of diagnosis and prescription of medicines.
  • Electronic medical prescription.
Trust in a group of specialists who consult the indications, compositions and presentations of the medicines they formulate.
  • Attention centers.
  • Personnel control for doctors and nurses.
  • Payment coupons / discounts module.
Our professionals are available 24 hours a day to respond to the needs of our patients. The offer is personalized and unlimited attention.

Satisfaction rating.

Patients may qualify our staff services. Doctors and nurses will be evaluated in order to improve our service every day.
The Docty platform will also be available to be evaluated in attention, service and availability.

Patient medical history.

We use artificial intelligence to improve the clinical diagnosis of our patients. We provide access to your electronic medical record in real time.
We use artificial intelligence to improve the clinical diagnosis of our patients. We provide access to your electronic medical record in real time.

Allies Docty.

Our portal will show the location of the centers of attention of our specialists and attached professionals. In this way, not only patients will know about your service, but also the entire Docty community.
Join us and enjoy all the benefits of belonging to the largest hospital in the country.

Information Standardization - Colombia.

  • Medicines – INVIMA
  • CIE-10
  • CUPS
  • EPS

Data as a service.

In association with pharmaceutical companies, Docty enabled a scalable model to capture and analyze real-life data (DVR). This service improves, on a large scale, the analysis of data collected in routine clinical practice.
Collecting data improves the retrospective analysis of information recorded in electronic records, such as an increase in diseases.

Emotion analysis in real time.

We complement patient care with technological tools that allow the recognition and analysis of facial expressions and biological emotions. The information obtained help us to improve the diagnostic capacity and the quality of treatment.
Take advantage of the benefits of data technology put at the service of healthcare. Enjoy this digital advance with the security that your information will be protected.

Software Docty

Thanks to our non-invasive portable equipment, our nurses are able to take medical tests and to collect information at home to improve diagnoses.
Our system collects clinical data that facilitate the registration of medical consultations.
Close, reliable and safe
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