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6 Health and Fitness Trends in 2021 to keep you healthy

2020 has been a tough year for all of us in terms of Health and Fitness trends. From an unprecedented pandemic that impacted our lives in ways that we could hardly have ever imagined to how we were deprived of human touch and had to spend most of our time stranded in our homes sitting at one place in front of our screens, it truly took a toll on our mental as well as physical health.

We have all realized how important it is to be healthy physically as well as mentally. Because let’s face it, the little habits in life that we follow are the ones that determine our health and our body’s immunity in the long term. If you intend to get back to your healthiest self in the year 2021, then here we are sharing some of the most effective health and fitness trend.

These trends are being adopted by people from all around the world currently to keep a check on their health and live life zestfully with the utmost of healthfulness. Do note that these simple trends will go a long way in boosting your body’s immunity, perhaps the only thing that you need the most in the middle of a worsening worldwide pandemic.

Health and fitness trend #1 – Absorb enough Vitamin D

Tip: Start your day with a daily dose of Sunshine

While the markets are getting flooded with Immunity boosting capsules, drinks, potions and whatnot, it is time we realize that nature has provided us with the most potent immunity-boosting element that we have access to, every single day. The simplest way to boost your immunity every single day is to start your day by spending 15-20 minutes under the sun, every single day.

Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D, which happens to be a vitamin that our bodies need to maintain their immunity levels every single day. Spending some time in sunlight every day helps in the production of melatonin which is an essential hormone our bodies need to sleep and relax. It also helps in lowering down our stress levels while strengthening our immune system.

Health and fitness trend #2 – Exercise

Tip: Sweat it out!

With the advent of Netflix and multiple different OTT Platforms, it is indeed a hard truth that most of us have become Couch Potatoes. Every person needs to indulge in at least an hour of physical exercise, every single day. When we sweat, our body releases serotonin which is the hormone responsible for keeping us happy and calm from within.

Sweating is also known to relieve stress and results in weight loss. The more we sweat, the more energized and stress-free we will be. The best part about Sweating is that you can do it anywhere. Even if you are stranded at home, you can simply play a Youtube video that involves dancing or any form of low-intensity or high-intensity workout. Doing some steps by walking around the home or going for a daily morning run can also help you in deriving benefits.

Health and fitness trend #3 – Meditate

Tip: Relax your mind.

Calmness and Good health go hand in hand. Our brain becomes the subject of multiple stressors every single day. From performing well at work to catering to our family’s needs and also looking after our own needs, stress can show up and wreak havoc on our bodies in the form of the disease, mood swings, sad or depressing thoughts and anxiety. Meditation goes a long way in ensuring our mental health.

Meditation helps in bringing clarity of thought that will also reflect well in your actions. More so, studies have shown that meditating for no lesser than 10-15 minutes every day can you be more productive, more positive, more creative and give you the mental strength that you need to tackle stressful situations as and when they come. To meditate, all you need is a quiet environment. Using meditating Apps such as Calm or Headspace can also help you in learning this skill if you’re a beginner.

Health and fitness trend #4 – Limit Screen Time

Tip: Rest your eyes some and spend more time with family

Are you glued to your screen for hours? Do you have a habit of checking your phone every minute for no apparent reason at all? Are you guilty of endlessly swiping on Instagram out of boredom? You might not realize it but unlimited screen time can deter your cognitive abilities, make you more prone to diseases and hamper your brain’s ability to sleep and relax.

No matter how old you are, take some time to consciously disconnect with your phone and gadgets and spend some time in your natural surroundings. Limiting screen time will help you in becoming more aware and mindful of the kind of content that you consume. Digital noise and overload of information can do worse than better. Limiting Screen time is essential for ensuring the longevity of health.

Health and fitness trend #5 – Stay stress free

Tip: Indulge in stress-relieving activities

If you are the kind of person who procrastinates and overthinks, then you must pause and acknowledge the fact that stress will not help you get anything done in life. It will only keep you from achieving your dreams make you doubt your strengths. The only way to lead a stress-free life is to learn how you can tackle your stress.

Indulge in a hobby of your choice every single day, take some time out for yourself and make time for what you want to do. Try to incorporate essential oils in your routine as well and spend some time amidst nature as much as you can. Tackle stress and you will notice how happier your life will become.

Health and fitness trend #6 – Keep a check on your Nutrition

Tip: Eat healthy and drink lots of water

What goes on your plate determines your health to the biggest extent. Make sure to fill your plate with a lot of green vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and sources of proteins and good fat. More and more people are now trying to avoid junk food and alcohol and opt for a healthier and more organic way of living. YouTube is a storehouse of healthy recipes and with more time at your disposal due to Quarantine, you can innovate your meals and test and try different meals from the comfort of your home.

Believe it or not, it is quite an underrated fact that Good Nutrition is the way to a healthy life. Maintain your daily portions and try to increase your intake of organic foods. Add leafy green vegetables to your plate, cut down on dairy if you want to and make sure to include a good serving of protein in every meal. Proteins are essential for the synthesis of nutrients in the body and muscle and mental health.

2021 is the year when you can transform your health and fitness trend. Do it! If you feel unwell at any time, use Docty to check your symptoms or consult a doctor. We wish you all the best!

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