As digital penetration has grown with time, people have various expectations from online services. The same applies to digital healthcare. The new healthcare consumers are here and it is imperative to produce better and positive outcomes for them. Especially in healthcare, these outcomes have to make lives happier and healthier.

But healthcare systems and practices are very different based on location and governance. There is a dire need for sustainable healthcare practices that are accessible to all.

Sustainable healthcare can happen when there is cross-pollination of good practices. This requires constructively removing the barriers that exist today. We need a platform that would foster cross-pollination in the best interest of promoting human wellness and access to resources without discrimination.

Consumers are not satisfied with healthcare’s status quo and are demanding more than traditional brick-and-mortar practices that are convenient and of more value to them. What we have today is a disjointed and fragmented ecosystem. Patients, the citizens of this world need interoperability.

Providers, Clinics, Patients, Pharmaceuticals, specialists, wearables, etc. are all industries individually. We need to build an ecosystem rather than a partnership, where all the above industries can co-depend and add value to each other and as an end result offer better care for the patients.

Docty’s 360 degrees Digital Healthcare solution addresses the above and is trying to develop an ecosystem that will help democratize healthcare.

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Silent Generation
1945 & before

Constant care
Digital adaptability

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Baby Boomers
1946 - 1964

Different options
Good service

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Generation X
1965 - 1976

Quality of service

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1977 - 1995

Quality of service
Varied options

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1996 & now

Need for online accessibility


quality of service

Baby Boomers - 1946-1964

Problems: trust, options, good service

Generation X - 1965-1976

Problems: convenience, quality, experience

Centennials - 1996 and now

Problems: convenience, experience, need for online accessibility

Traditionalists or Silent Generation - 1945 and before

Problems: digital adaptability, constant care, follow ups

Docty's 360 degrees Digital Healthcare solution addresses all the different problems. Our approach is to make digital health accessible and easily usable for one and all.

Various studies also back the idea that the digital approach to healthcare needs has picked up and suits the changing trends of the users. At Docty, we want to be able to address any healthcare need of each individual as far as digital accessibility goes.

Our solutions offer:

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No monthly fees and low upfront costs to tackle cost concerns

Video calling with Doctor, On call Doctor Consultation, Video Consultation with Doctors, Talk to doctor, Doctor Online Search, Low bandwidth Video Calling, Telehealth Services

Low-Bandwidth Video Solution to provide better accessibility and convenience

Smart Doctor Search, Search Doctors with specialization, Online Doctor search, Online Medical services

Smart Search to provide more options by filtering doctors, symptoms based on preferences like city, language, specialty, etc.

Nursing services, Nursing services at home, Nursing services online, booking nursing services,

Nurse At Home to address convenience and comfort issues as well as provide good service

Video Consultation with Doctors, Emotion index, Online emotion index, emotion monitoring, Health care industry

Video Emotion Recognition to provide enhanced experience and improve quality of care

Online Doctor Consultation, Medical records, Online medical history, Online health record maintainance

Adaptability as per consumerism trend to provide better experience

AI, AI based medical research, AI based approach, Medical records, Medical services, Online Health Services

AI and Machine Learning to promote telehealth digitalization

Mobile application for Online health services, Online medical services, online doctor consultation, online health monitoring, health monitoring, check your symptoms

Chronic Care Management via Remote Monitoring providing extra care, trust and follow ups

Medical services on hand, Online medical services, medical history, one stop medical services

Ease of use with simple UI and UX and smart scheduling for ease of digital adaptability