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Patient Diaries – Access Anywhere, Anytime!

Abhishek, a 17-year-old student was tired of going to his doctor with constant complaints of excessive body pain. His back pain in the mornings had become unbearable and every time he was visiting his doctor, they mostly prescribed pain killers and some physiotherapy.

Abhishek wanted to find a more permanent medical remedy for this and felt like he needed to see a better doctor in a bigger city. His small town of Mathura in the state of Uttar Pradesh was just a few hours away from Delhi. It was a great tourist destination, one famous amongst Hindus; people visited here all year round, but the healthcare facilities were just rudimentary.

A lot of people suggested he visit Delhi and consult the best doctors in the country for his problem. Although he belonged to an affluent family and could do the same, the pandemic was impeding his ability to travel.

After a lot of research online, he came across a global telemedical platform called Docty where a lot of great doctors were consulting online. Although he was skeptical about using a virtual platform, he decided to give Docty a try, as it could not hurt.

He went online on, registered on the website and logged in. He found one of the best Orthopedics in the country and tried to book an appointment for a consultation. Appointment slots for at least the next few days were unavailable, which made him realize that the platform has various other users. He found an appointment date and time for the following week.

During this time, he followed the prescriptions given to him by his local doctor and also attended physiotherapy sessions. Soon the appointment date was upon him. He logged in to his Dashboard on the platform and waited for the consultation to begin.

When the doctor started the call, he was very receptive to all his ailments. He answered a lot of questions regarding the pain and after listening to his case, the doctor asked him to get a few blood tests done. Soon after the call, the doctor sent across a prescription for the required blood tests and asked him to do a few regular exercises every day in the morning.

Abhishek booked a follow-up appointment for a few days later, by when he was expecting to get reports for the blood test that he would get done the next day.

On the allotted date, Abhishek went online and met with his doctor on Docty. He had uploaded all his reports, as soon as they had come in, on Docty as his medical records. The doctor said he had already taken a look at the reports and found that HLA-B27 was positive. Considering the other symptoms and problems Abhishek had described, the doctor explained that this meant he had Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Abhishek was confused as arthritis was a medical condition that generally affected the elderly. But the doctor described to him that this particular genetic illness is a type of arthritis that affects young people. The doctor went on to explain certain measures he will have to take to keep this uncurable condition at bay. Abhishek and his doctor then set up plans for regular check-ups to keep track of his condition too.

Docty became a bittersweet experience for Abhishek. He was happy that he found a doctor who could diagnose him and tell him what to do to keep the body pain at bay, but he had also found out that he had an incurable condition. Abhishek now consults with his doctor once every two months via Docty.

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