Immediate care without contagion.

Home care prevents our patients from catching other illnesses in the waiting rooms.

For our patients.

Do not wait months for an appointment with the specialist

With Docty you will have access to specialists and health professionals always available.

Get care from anywhere, anytime

Regardless of the place or time, we are ready to attend to any emergency 24 hours a day.

Learn about smart telemedicine

We record your symptoms through the artificial intelligence (AI) system and follow up on the treatment that we diagnose you.

Your data is protected

We comply with high security standards to guarantee responsible treatment of the medical information of our users.

Download Docty on your phone to access the most complete telemedicine service in Colombia. A team of qualified healthcare professionals will be available to provide you with comprehensive and enhanced care using artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Symptom monitoring for any discomfort.

We provide a symptom tracking service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through artificial intelligence (AI). Patients have a permanent check-up of their health status and can receive accurate and daily medical advice, without leaving home.
Enjoy the confidence of having a tool that records your vital signs and allows you to understand your state of health at anytime.

Satisfaction rating.

Patients may qualify our staff services. Doctors and nurses will be evaluated in order to improve our service every day.
The Docty platform will also be available to be evaluated in attention, service and availability.

Diagnosis and prescription of medications.

  • Diagnostics with ICD-10 & CUPS classification.
  • Database of medicines Vademecum and dosage.
  • 5 System of diagnosis and prescription of medicines.
Close, reliable and safe
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