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Role of telemedicine in organizations to provide integrated healthcare for employees

Telemedicine in Organizations – Organizations around the world have undergone major changes due to the biggest health crisis we have ever seen. They have adopted a work-from-home model that many would not even have considered had it not been for the pandemic. The pandemic has crippled our health systems and overburdened them to an extent where medical professionals are feeling helpless and unable to save lives.

The only way to get past this and any other health emergency is to contribute towards the well-being of others through resources as needed and to do our bit in reducing the existing burden on our health system and doctors. This is possible by making medical assistance more accessible for all employees by opting for Telemedicine.

If you are a business owner, whether big or small or if you run a certain kind of organization, it is your moral duty to look after and provide for the health of your employees and their families. Right now, it is not safe or advisable to visit a hospital for anyone. But, the power of telemedicine can be well availed to provide integrated healthcare for employees. It is time-savvy for doctors as well as patients, it is hassle-free and it is virtually accessible at all times. Exactly what we need during these times.

Why do we need integrated telemedicine in organizations

Furthermore, more than half of medical consultations require a follow-up visit to the doctor. Since hospitals are already overcrowded right now, facilitating easy follow-up visits will not be an easy task. More so, it will end up making the patients, as well as the ones accompanying them more exposed to the general crowds. Through telemedicine, follow-up consultations can be managed on priority without any hassles. Organizations can choose to use the feature of reminders that enable patients to plan and schedule consultations.

Even if we look at it from a monetary point of view, telemedicine has made healthcare much more accessible for employees and immensely cost-effective for employers. With the absence of physical facilities, periodic servicing, heavy medical infrastructure and logistics, the cost of medical expenditure has gone down significantly. This gives telemedicine an edge over the traditional ways of medical consultancy.

Through telemedicine, geographical barriers are no more an obstacle. Instead of standing in long queues to see a doctor, availing telemedicine will help personnel to get treated with ease and the priority that they are looking for. Research has shown that organizations that use telemedicine are known to have better employee satisfaction that shows in their overall output, progress and loyalty to the organization. Best of all, integrating telemedicine into any organizational system is not a tough job. Through the right medium, whether it is web-based or application-based, telemedicine can be availed and utilized as needed.

In tough times like the ones we are going through right now, the importance of employee satisfaction and added care cannot be undermined. It is in times like these when employees decide their commitment to an organization and try to perform their best by stretching their limits. As organizational owners, telemedicine can prove to be a sustainable investment that will be useful not just in the current times but also for the future. Docty offers corporate plans customized to suit individual organization’s needs. You can also give us a call for a demo or to understand more.

Since COVID has hit us, Telemedicine has indeed become the ideal way of healthcare access, and it will continue to be so far in the foreseeable future. It is indeed an ideal revolution that has forever changed the way organizations, as well as individuals, utilize the power of good healthcare.

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