Virtualize your practice.

Enhance your value proposition for patients!

Go beyond the Brick-and-Mortar setup and meet changing consumer preferences and drive growth by increased patient reach and enhanced insights.

For Our Doctors

Our certified professionals at Docty enhance patient care by using our various tools and services, improving patient diagnosis and treatment.
Smart Calendar

Doctors can easily create and publish consultation time without any hassle with Docty’s smart calendar.

Single Dashboard Maintenance

Docty offers access to all appointments and patient cases under a single dashboard for doctors.

Smart Telemedicine

Docty offers symptom registration through our Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to enable study of a patient’s discomfort in advance.

Low Bandwidth Video Calling

Doctors can easily visualize consultations and support their daily appointments from anywhere and anytime.

Diagnosis and Prescription

Docty has an extensive database of medicines and dosage which can be used to send electronic medical prescriptions to the patients via email. These e-prescriptions are also available under their consultation history.

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Patient medical history

Docty uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the clinical diagnosis of the patients. Doctors can access the patient’s electronic medical records in real-time.
  • Appointments scheduled
  • Medical consultation history
  • Pre-existing health conditions
  • Symptoms monitored
  • Emotion analysis in real-time

    Docty complements patient care with the use of technological tools that allow the recognition and analysis of facial expressions and biological emotions. The information obtained helps doctors improve the diagnostic capacity and the quality of treatment.

    Receive the benefits of data technology put at the service of healthcare. Enjoy this digital advance with the security that your information will be protected.

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