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Meet Our Partners

At Docty, we integrate all our stakeholders from the health sector to provide a digital experience focused on our patients. We transform the relationship between people and traditional medical services by guaranteeing quality care (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) with our doctors and specialists.
Clinics and Hospitals

Clinics and hospitals can now manage their doctors, nurses, and patients using our integrated modules. Realize increased efficiencies and productivity by using our integrated modules.

Labs and Pharmacy

Labs and pharmacies are accessible for patients at the convenience of a click. They can interact faster with their customers and make knowledgeable decisions for better ROI.


Our partner nurses will have access to provide better care though our portable medical equipment allowing them to take and send patient blood and urine test results in less than 10 minutes.


Docty can provide valuable insights about patient’s demographics, diagnoses, prescriptions, conditions, etc. aiding governments to plan their healthcare plans in an effective manner.

Clinic Administrator Portal

  • Attention centers
  • Personnel control for doctors and nurses
  • Payment coupons / discounts module
  • Our professionals are available 24 hours a day to respond to the needs of our patients. The offer is personalized and unlimited attention is provided.

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    Data As a Service

    In association with pharmaceutical companies, Docty has enabled a scalable model to capture and analyze real-life data (DVR). This service improves, on a large scale, the analysis of data collected in routine clinical practice.

    Collecting data improves the retrospective analysis of information recorded in electronic records, such as an increase in diseases.

    Docty Software

    Thanks to our non-invasive portable equipment, our nurses are able to take medical tests and collect information at home to improve diagnoses.

    Our system collects clinical data that facilitate the registration of medical consultations.

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