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Docty – A 360 degree Telemedicine & Digital Healthcare solution

Docty India is the subsidiary of  Docty Inc, a US-based global Digital Healthcare solution platform. It offers a 360 degrees patient-centric, innovative digital healthcare solution platform offering access to quality care for all anytime, anywhere.

In the Covid era, the need for Digital Health solution platforms is pressing and Docty has developed an easy to use end-to-end platform, which is hardware agnostic, for patients, doctors, clinics, pharmacies and labs with cost-effective solutions that can help the quality of lives of patients become easier and better.

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Docty Symptom Checker

Docty, a Digital Healthcare Solution has various service offerings on its platform; the most important being tools that can help patients screen their healthcare status and conditions as well as seek a diagnosis or medical advice. Docty’s Symptom Checker is free on our platform and has 94% accuracy and connects the patients to specialists as needed.

There are online tools to help patients and doctors manage healthcare delivery better. A symptom checker helps patients input the signs and symptoms they are experiencing and provides a pre-diagnosis based on the patients’ inputs. It also suggests the patient seek further relevant medical care if the pre-diagnosis calls for it.

Online Consulting

Docty’s online video consultation solution helps patients find healthcare professionals and specialists based on their needs and then consult with them online without stepping out of the safety of their homes.

Medical Records

On the Docty Digital Healthcare Solution platform, patients can add their entire medical history and then utilize the electronic records for all future consultations without the need to carry the records with them every time they would consult with a doctor. The platform also provides an option to add family members and their health records. One family member can schedule consultations for the others if they are unable to do so. The members can have separate access to their profiles to book appointments or lab tests too.

Labs and Pharmacies Integrated

The platform provides easy options to book lab tests online and schedule for blood and urine sample collection from the comfort of one’s home too. The goal here is to help a patient manage all their healthcare requirements on a single dashboard. Docty brings that 360 degrees digital healthcare solution for its users.

Emotion Index

Additionally, an emotion analysis index runs during the video consultations on the platform and provides the doctors with additional inputs about the patients’ emotional state. This enables the doctor to better understand the patient and provide a diagnosis.

Docty Libre and Docty@99

Currently, with the ongoing pandemic, Docty India is running a free consultation drive under their Docty Libre module. This is targeted towards patients who might not be able to afford healthcare otherwise in these trying times. It is also a great opportunity for all to try the service for free and see for themselves the benefits of telehealth.

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